Monday, October 16, 2017

October 16th Update - Upper FWD Fuselage

Since the last update I have made substantial progress in section 35 - upper forward fuselage.  Much of this time was spent doing the usual prep of parts.   In the last few days I have completed the subpanel and am now working on preparation for riveting the upper forward skin.   I've also fabricated the pushrods for the canopy eject mechanism.  I don't plan to install the full mechanism but I will have the structure in place should I (or a future owner) decide to install the final part in the panel.  I also think having the structure there will make it easier in the future to remove the canopy for maintenance.

Monday, September 18, 2017

September 16th update - brakes and rudder pedals

Completed installation of brakes/rudders with Berenger master cylinders and TS Flightlines brake lines in fuselage, including installation of the brake fluid reservoir.

Looks really nice!

Friday, September 15, 2017

September 15 Update - working on Section 33 Brake and Rudder systems

I've been slowed down a bit by Hurricane Irma, and waiting for some parts to be shipped and also for brake pedals to be powder coated.

I've assembled the brake/rudder pedals, installed Berenger master cylinders, and partially installed brake crossover lines, lines to reservoirs, and lines from master cylinders to gear leg braces.

Beautiful products from TS Flightlines and Berenger.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Section 31 Complete

Section 31 is the easiest of all.  The only thing that's hard is installing the fuel line brackets.

It would be MUCH harder if I actually had decided to fabricate all the fuel lines.  But I ordered all the lines from TS Flightlines, including a braided stainless steel coated teflon line from fuel pump to firewall.  Really nicely made, perfect fit.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Update September - completed section 29 (FWD MID FUSE SIDE STRUCTURE), on to section 31 (Fuel System)

Much has happened since last post.  I have completed the riveting of side skins, and all the root fairing attach angles.  I also completed assembly of the seat back brace with its adjustment guides and angles.  Finally, after riveting this brace, the gussets, and intercostals in place, I bolted in the roll bar bases.

I am skipping section 30 - where the fuselage and tailcone/aft fuselage get joined up - until I have completed as much of the systems installation in the fuselage as possible.  It will be that much harder to do these steps when I have more weight and bulk to move around, not to mention the space issue.

I ordered Berenger brake master cylinders, brake lines, and fuel lines from TS Flightlines.  Very nice stuff, and it makes the work of installing fuel/brake systems much easier, plus the Berenger wheels and brakes are better quality, lower weight than the standard stuff.

Today I installed the fuel line brackets, fuel selector, fuel pump, fuel filter, and the fuel line from selector to fuel filter/pump assembly.

Section 31 will go very quickly, then on to rudder/brake installation.  I'll wait to do the baggage floors until after joining up the fuse to tailcone.

Monday, August 21, 2017

August 20th Update - Mid Fuse Fwd Structure

Since last post, most time spent prepping right side skin, completing prep of parts for right side of fuse, prime & paint, and finally installation/riveting of the right side structure.   As of Monday AM, 21st August, most riveting is complete on this side - just need to finalize some of the parts (center section channel cover, arm rest, random rivets) before moving on to next steps.  Finally I can see the end of section 29...

Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 12th update, Mid Fuse Fwd Structure

Completed all riveting of left side of fuselage, including cowl hinge.  This area sealed with 3M fire sealant and previously described.  

On to the right side of the fuselage....

(Section 29 is long, lots of parts, lots of riveting)