Friday, May 4, 2018

Finishing up roll over structure

Since last post, completed all the drilling, countersinking, riveting, painting, and installation of the roll bar assembly.  Still need to rivet the aft brace to the skin and baggage bulkhead.  After this will install the skin stiffener next to roll bar and that will wrap up section 37.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A forest of clecos - and a very sore hand

Since last post, I fitted the co-pilot stick to its base and checked travel limits of the stick (as well as verifying that stick bases are contacting both stops: I had previously checked this and filed one of the stops so this was just a verification).   I'm good with stick travel - about 14.5 degrees down and 25 degrees up so no adjustments needed at stick.  It will be a while before I install the aft-most control rod because I need to move things around in the shop to get the HS / elevators mounted in order to check travel there.

Also prepped / primed the rollover structure parts, and starting by riveting the two "halves" of the forward and aft sections of the roll bar.  Next I clecoed the structure together and final-drilled from #40 to #30.   LOTS of cleco action here - my right hand is very sore!

I'll deburr everything well and start riveting this in the next day or two.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

April 29 Update - odds and ends including flap position sensor.

I installed the flap position sensor today.  I replaced the micro-molex connectors with Deutsch DTM connectors.   Also used DTM connectors for the power wires.  Nice

I ordered a bunch of these and will be using them where it makes sense. 

I've started deburring parts for the rollover structure and painting parts that will be part of that section.

Also fitting control sticks (I ordered Tosten sticks from Vans) to the bases, preparing to install sticks and stick connecting rod.

Monday, April 23, 2018

April 23 Update - close to wrapping up fuselage

Since last post I've completed several tasks including:

  • Installed baggage side covers
  • Touched up paint in baggage area
  • Installed flap actuation system
  • Installed fuselage wiring harnesses
  • Installed elevator pushrods
  • Installed pitch and yaw servos in tailcone (still need to attach to the rudder cables - will wait until I have empennage mounted 

I still need to install control stick bases, stick link pushrod, aft-most elevator pushrod and then test range of elevator movement.

The only incomplete section on the fuselage is now the rollover structure - hopefully the completion of this will coincide with arrival of finishing kit.

Monday, April 16, 2018

April 16 Update - Baggage area

Before installing the baggage area floors, I decided to install conduits between fuselage sides and the tunnel: there is provision for snap bushings in this space for the fuse harness, but I'll be running extra wires plus the 1/4 tubing for pitot/AOA.  The conduit (made of 3/4" PEX as in the wings) will make it easier to route these into the tunnel, with less risk of chafing.  I mounted low to avoid any interference with rudder cables.

Installed both baggage floors - only step left is to rivet the floors to aft bulkheads.   Floors are strong as rock - nice to be able to sit back there on a stable surface for working inside fuselage.

Friday, April 13, 2018

April 12 Update - completed aft fuselage attachment

With help from VAF member Doug Geib, completed aft fuselage attachment.  The only clecos left are for future work.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April 10 Update - moving forward on fuselage, mounting location for oxygen cylinder

Since the last post, I've done as many rivets as possible without a partner: mostly the upper parts of the baggage bulkheads and lower baggage ribs to bulkheads.  Also riveted in the seat belt harness lugs.

While waiting for a time I can get a partner to finish riveting the join-up areas, I worked on the place I'll be mounting my oxygen cylinder.  Since this will have some weight I wanted a strong mounting point: the weight will rest on the baggage foor, but could put a lot of stress on mounting points during maneuvers/turbulence.

So I determined the mounting location (right side of baggage area, just behind copilot seat) and made a couple of doublers to back up the skin in this area, as well as installing nutplates (1/4") to secure the mounting hardware for the oxygen cylinder.  One big advantage of this location is that I can reach the regulator from the pilot's seat (I checked this in Van's RV-14A demonstrator).

This was fun - measuring, using rivet fan to locate rivets, drilling/match-drilling, and dimpling.  And of course riveting.  Now ready for paint.

Finishing up roll over structure

Since last post, completed all the drilling, countersinking, riveting, painting, and installation of the roll bar assembly.  Still need to ...