Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Installed Archer VOR/ILS antenna in the right wingtip

I decided to go with Archer antenna for VOR/ILS - installed in the right wingtip.   I had to remove 5 nutplates, match drill antenna to fit these. then used a couple of #6 csk screws to secure to wingtip at the points indicated in the instructions.  I used a method shared by Stein at Steinair using a solder sleeve to connect shielding of a section of RG400, as well as the center element, to the antenna per directions (directions say to twist the shielding into a wire, but this is harder than it sounds, and the solder sleeve method is more secure and more elegant).

I laid up a few strips of fiberglass to secure the longer antenna element in place - this should keep it form moving inside the wingtip.

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