Monday, September 19, 2016

Vertical Stabilizer - Skeleton assembly, first part re-ordered

Yesterday spent about 6 hours total doing prep of the skeleton parts of the VS.  Lots of deburring and drilling (not in that order).   Pre-assembled the skeleton and skin, test fit and match/final drilling.  Dimpled the skeleton parts.

I did make two mistakes:  On the lower rudder hinges I drilled #12 one hole each that should have been match-drilled #30 to the main VS spar.  New parts ordered.   I also over-trimmed for skin fit the VS-705 nose rib - there wasn't enough material to match drill the forward-most hole.  New part ordered.  I will flute the front of this part to help the skin fit and limit the material I remove.  I probably could have gotten by in both cases by drilling riveting other holes in the first instance and just "building on" in the second.  But I want to develop the habit of doing everything as "by the book" as possible.

Today - 2.5 hours prepping parts for the rudder assembly.  

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