Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 12, 2016: Bond rudder trailing edge

Completed section 7-09.  Had to drill out one rivet because skin stiffener had ended up on on the wrong side of the shear clip.  I call Vans - wasn't sure if this would be enough of an issue to require drilling out the rivet, but Scott at Van's felt that it was important to get the hole spacing right due to skin stresses.   The rivet was holding the stiffeners together and would not allow opening the skin at shear clip enough to move to the correct side.  Once it was out, easy peasy.  Had to use angle drill attachment (tight fit drill kit) - tools matter.

I used a piece of aluminum angle drilled to the spacing of the trailing edge to hold the trailing edge in place.  I considered pro-seal and/or Van's "tape method" but ended up using JB Weld, which I got from Carl and Rafael's 14A build site.   Looks great for now - will be interested to see how the riveting turns out.

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