Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 28-30, 2016: new workbench, visit from Vic Syracuse, parts prep for HS assembly

Sunday October 30th update

Friday October 28 - built a new workbench in preparation for building the HS.  Also cut out plywood pieces to support HS skins per Section 8-6.  Cut, deburred, and drilled pieces of angle to support he plywood cradles.   Cleaned up the shop after this carpentry work.

Vic Syracuse came today to critique my work so far.  He's generally very complimentary of my work but found a few skin rivets on VS that he recommends removing and carefully replacing.  We drilled out the 2 bad rivets on forward spar of VS - I'll replace these with CherryMax slightly oversized.

Saturday, October 29 - long day of parts prep, sections 8-6 and 8-7.   Bent/drilled parts and extensive deburring and prep for priming.   Doesn't sound like much but this work takes time!   Still have quite a bit of prep of the parts for HS skeleton and then will start dimpling the HS skins.

Today - Completed Section 8-7, and 8-9.  Started dimpling HS skin.

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