Friday, July 28, 2017

July 28 Update - FWD Mid Fuse Side Structure - Starting Section 29

Over the past 2-3 days, joined the forward and aft fuselage sections together.  This is tricky - ended up separating two tables and carefully sliding the two together, overlapping as called out in the plans.  Clecoed per instructions in the plans.

Prepped (deburred, scuffed, primed) the upper & lower drag fittings, and the gear braces, installed these into the structure - amazing how this stiffens things up.

Clecoed side plate and match-drilled, then removed, deburred and clecoed back into place.

Attached the support leg, ready to turn fuselage up to start riveting the two sections into place - but waiting for some help from S-I-L to move this.  Fuse now officially too heavy to move around solo.

While waiting I trimmed (using ScotchBrite wheel) the flange bearings and installed these into the control column assembly.

Very productive and satisfying few days - next step will be riveting bottom skins together, then replacing lower gear braces and torquing all these parts.

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