Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The "End" of a long journey: The big day finally arrives!

Today Vic Syracuse came down and conducted the airworthiness inspection, we completed the paperwork, and he flew the first flight with me.  It was a bit briefer than planned, due to a trim issue (#*#_** micro molex connectors!!) but otherwise uneventful.  Weather was perfect, and the airplane flew as expected.   Very gratifying day, but not without a few frustrations.   In addition to the trim issue (which I already fixed by replacing the micro molex with a much better Deutsch DTM connector and new wires between the harness and trim motor), a few other issues cropped up (ADAHRS resets, induction leak, issues with standby alternator etc) that will need to be addressed.  The good news is that, with the trim fixed, none of these are show stoppers that will affect flyability.

Many thanks to all my friends who helped along the way, including my hangar mate Chris Kaniut (who was today's videographer/photographer), Andy Grimm, Galin Hernandez, Doug Geib, and many others who have been invaluable sources of help, knowledge, and support.

Vic and me:

Chris and me (I'm not that short, Chris is 6'7")

First flight video:

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