Saturday, January 6, 2018

Left fuel tank back on wing and stall warning.

After testing the left fuel tank, it was time to put it back on the wing.  But before this, I wrestled with the decision of whether to install the stall warning horn.  I had previously put rivets in the holes that define the stall warning vane opening.   I'm going to have a heated pitot tube with AOA but I decided to install it anyway for the following reasons:

  • I have always flown airplanes with standard stall horn - it's "wired in"
  • I like redundancy
  • It will work correctly on first flight, unlike AOA which needs calibration
  • I can wire it to a light or an audio tone as opposed to a "Horn" which may not be easily heard with ANR headsets
  • I can always disconnect it, but it would be hard to add after finishing the build 
  • I already had the parts
I had to remove and replace because the initial position didn't allow the microswitch to trip properly - easy fix.

Tank is back on wing, easy peasy.

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