Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March 20 Update: Wrapping up right QB wing

Yesterday I completed installation of the aileron trim.  First, I removed the aileron pushrod from the wing after marking center position of the trim arm, and riveted on the brackets to hold the trim springs.   Then I re-installed the pushrod and attached the springs to the arm on the trim assembly.  This was much harder than I expected:  the springs are very taut and the space to work in is TIGHT - it helped to remove the assembly from the wing access plate.

I also prepped the bottom wing skin after cutting/deburring and match-drilling the j-channel stiffener: both are ready for priming.  Waiting for some better weather to get to that.  Once done, all that's left of the right wing is wingtip installation and nav/strobe lights. 

While waiting, I've started prepping parts that will be used in my next big phase which will be joining fuselage and tailcone.

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